Hair Harmonics, formerly known as ‘Hair Mastery’, addresses hair in a completely holistic way with the Hair Balancing haircutting system as its foundation. Hair Harmonics also works with hair loss challenges, hair trauma, and a variety of health and psychological issues affecting hair.


Hair Harmonics Training Programs are not for everyone. Unique individuals are most drawn to this work. Some are hairdressers and cosmetologists who have become bored, burnt out, or even ill from conventional ways of working with hair.


Through Hair Harmonics, many of these people discover the profound healing possibilities available to themselves and their clients. They renew their passion and find inspiration and pleasure in working with hair in holistic new ways.


Hair Harmonics also attracts holistic health practitioners who feel called to working with hair. Similar to how reflexology can affect the whole body by working on the feet, the precise geometric patterns of Hair Balancing create a positive effect on the whole person and their energy field, as the hair is being cut. Powerful personal experiences have inspired some clients to study Hair Balancing so they can learn to how to balance the hair of friends and family.


Hair Harmonics offers psychological and hands-on knowledge of all aspects of hair. Our students learn through multi-sensory exercises and practical applications, designed to unleash talent, self-confidence and clarity for their personal and professional path. Our certification programs share techniques, tools and strategies for working successfully in the field of holistic hair care.

Currently we are developing the 2018 schedule for Hair Harmonics Trainings. Feel free to contact me directly regarding workshops, trainings, and private instruction.


Hair Harmonics offers the most transformational training in the world for people wanting to excel in the growing field of holistic hair care.


Hair Harmonics offers three educational programs:
Program 1: Hair Balancing Practitioner
Program 2: Hair Harmonics Teacher


Please contact us to arrange a private workshop or seminar, or to schedule different dates than posted. Note that private instruction is compensated at a higher rate.




• We gladly help organize transportation, accommodation and culinary requests for our training, so you can experience optimal flow and enjoyment of your special time with us.


• We accept payment via paypal, all major credit cards, money order, check and cash.


• We kindly request that participants refrain from wearing synthetic perfumes or hair products as we would like to provide a safe environment for people with allergies.



1) Hair Balancing Professional Training


The Holistic Hair Care Workshop is the required foundational platform for our three programs. It is a powerful workshop in itself for anyone interested in holistic hair care.


The Holistic Hair Care Workshop uses audio and video technology in addition to a live or online overview and understanding of the many aspects of holistic hair care from product and tool knowledge, hair thinning and loss, hair psychology to energy and hair. It includes theory, tips and reflective self-experience exercises, which result in transformative personal growth experiences.


The next step on this professional path, The Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar, trains the attendee to cut hair in the most conscious and masterful way as well as expanding the consciousness of the practitioner in the realm of holistic hair care. The training also includes instructions on how to offer holistic hair consultations.


During the Hair Harmonics Seminar “The Healing Art of Hair Balancing” participants learn Mercury Yount’s Original Hair Balancing System, which is based on principles of Sacred Geometry, CranioSacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Meridians & Points) and Energy Medicine including Chakra & Aura Energetics. The training is taught through artistic media – first, two dimensional, then, three-dimensional and finally on live models. During the 50-hour seminar, every participant works on many live models and receives theoretic input from the fields of philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics. In addition, individual and group rituals, cultural explorations and nature expeditions with the focus on hair, add to the transformational experience of this training. The seminar can be conducted in two or three segments, or in a consecutive period of 7-10 days.


The Advanced Workshop serves as a follow-up, teaches advanced techniques and styles and guarantees high quality performance and integrity of the Hair Balancing practitioner through empathic supervision. To register for the Advanced Workshop, which completes the Hair Balancing Professional certification program, students must have attended the workshop and participated in the seminar 6 to 18 months prior.


The time between completing the Holistic Hair Care Workshop and The Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar, and The Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar and the Advanced Workshop should not exceed a period of two years.


We also offer:


Program 2: Hair Harmonics Teacher


Note that private instruction is compensated at a higher rate.


Holistic Hair Care Workshop Live 16 Hours, online up to 25 Hours $ 444 
The Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar Live 50+ Hours $ 2444 
Advanced Workshop Live 16 Hours $ 444 
Total Time and Money Investment 82+ Hours $ 3332 



Hair Mastery Teacher Training

The teacher training is designed for the certified Hair Balancing Professional, Program 1 who has a deep commitment for the work and a passion to share it with others. The prerequisite for enrolling into Program 2 is two years working as a certified Hair Balancing Professional.

The training involves assistance at one Holistic Hair Care Workshop, two The Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminars, and two Advanced Workshops in conjunction with personal coaching with the Master Teachers