Stress Release

You may not be aware that hair has a vital function in assisting the body to release stress. We are not usually conscious of our stress being released through our hair. It becomes noticeable when our stress increases to the degree that the hair cannot process it fast enough. The hair becomes brittle, less manageable, sometimes even split and broken. When we are having “a bad hair day” it is generally when our stress has accelerated faster than it can be released through the hair, so the hair does not perform as it usually does.

This is when we need to be more appreciative of our hair functioning on our behalf, and not as disparaging and critical as we often become. When there have been major catastrophes that push stress into a higher gear, such as the attacks on 9/11, the increased stress is very apparent in the increased damage to the hair. I observed hair that was healthy and beautiful in the weeks prior to the attacks became dull, split and frazzy, shortly after the traumatic event.

Hair is thought by many health practitioners to be an akashic record of what we have experienced in life. We know it holds physical information about nutrients, deficiencies, heavy metals or other toxic exposures. What many people do not know is that our hair also holds grief, fear and pain. In many cultures people will cut their hair after a divorce or death of a loved one. It marks that event in a powerful way and literally releases the old energy that is held in the hair, of time with the one who has passed.

I am a Holistic Hair Care Practitioner and Educator, and have worked with hair trauma for over 20 years. I practice a holistic healing art called Hair Balancing. The precise cutting technique is based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy, and is able to accelerate the release of trauma through the hair. This is accomplished while co-creating the style the client desires. The process heals and expands one’s energetic field, which has been well documented by Kirlian photography, and by those who are trained at reading auric fields.

The acupressure points on the head are specifically stimulated several times during the process. The stress release is palpable, which is why I offer this service at no charge to victims of domestic violence at our local shelter.

The advocates working there have experienced these results personally and recommend that the victims have a session if they can. The staff will suggest, “Please, do this for your emotional and physical well-being.” They report seeing an emotional release in the women after a balancing, and that over the next few days they seem more relaxed. The women feel happier inside and definitely feel happier about how they look.

Since most of us must deal with cutting or styling our hair on a somewhat regular basis, doesn’t it make sense to have this experience be healing and life enhancing if we have that option?