Whether you cut your hair once a year or once a month, wouldn’t it be great if it was a relaxing, rejuvenating, life enhancing experience?

Transform your relationship with your hair into ease, joy and acceptance. You can be at peace with your hair.
You can relax.


Welcome to the world of Hair Balancing

LS Hair in the Light smallerHello, I am Laura Sullivan, Holistic Hair Practitioner, healing artist, and the world’s foremost expert in Hair Balancing.

Hair Balancing is an amazing holistic healing art that can transform your hair by using the principles of Sacred Geometry. This process results in more life force moving through your head and hair, enhancing your health, vibrancy and beauty. Hair Balancing is based on four healing modalities: Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Energy and Chakra Attunements, and Sacred Geometry. It is a chemical free experience, independent of blow dryers and toxic products.

Whether we like it or not, most of us must deal with our hair on a somewhat regular basis. It is with us 24/7, usually growing and changing.   So how great would it be if our hair care experiences were elevated into life enhancing, deeply relaxing, transformational healing sessions? Hair Balancing, by bringing more consciousness to how we treat our hair, can actually change the physical qualities of our hair and enhance our relationship with it.

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The cutting technique affects how energy moves through the body and how the hair feels. A poorly executed haircut can actually short circuit the flow of energy as it travels through the head and hair. But when hair is ‘balanced,’ the energy flow is improved and the head and scalp are both stimulated yet more relaxed. A relaxed scalp gives the follicles room to plump out and nurture healthy hair growth. This effect on the scalp often arrests or reduces hair loss and frequently results in thicker more beautiful hair.

I was introduced to this amazing healing art when I met the originator, William Mercury Yount at a tantra training in Los Angeles in the early eighties. I was working as an actress at the time, had recently moved from New York, and discovered my hair was not adjusting well to the LA air and water. So I let a Beverly Hills hairdresser attempt a ‘light, body wave’ to help manage my long straight hair just before opening night of a play I was starring in.

This chemical experiment destroyed my hair, burning it to a crisp. Almost all had to be chopped off, leaving just three inches of fried frizz. From this state of desperation came the guidance to call Mercury; an intuitive knowing that his Hair Balancing system could help.

During the first balancing session, the trauma from the horrific ‘perm’ and haircut was immediately released. Over the next several months, all the damage was balanced away, and my hair began growing in with a natural curl that has remained ever since. More body and wave is a result for many Hair Balancing clients who desire more curl. I was delighted with being able to leave the house with wet hair, let it air dry in the car, and arrive at an audition looking great. It truly became ‘wash and go’ hair.

All was well with my hair until Mercury became enormously popular in Europe. He began working there for extended lengths of time. Although hair balancings last 2-3 times longer than conventional cuts, I needed to learn his system to maintain my hair when he was gone six months or more. Fortunately, I attended the only complete training he ever taught on Hair Balancing.

On the second day a stunning thing happened. Seeing the huge charts with the sacred geometry patterns awakened a feeling in me that I had done this before, perhaps in a past life. Mercury said I was the only participant who truly understood the system and so we continued to exchange Hair Balancing sessions until his untimely transition at Machu Pichu in 1990.

After Mercury’s death, some of his other clients who knew he had trained me, begged me to balance their hair. No one wanted to go back to conventional hair care. So I began ministering to their needs and eventually Hair Balancing became my profession.

My commitment to Mercury and the healing art of Hair Balancing is to see that it is shared with the world, elevating and transforming the consciousness of students, practitioners and clients.

My commitment to you is to help you be happy with your hair.

Benefits of Hair Balancing

  • Healthy, beautiful hair
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Wash and wear care
  • Enhances curl and wave if desired
  • Reduces frizz and un-manageability
  • Heals and expands your aura
  • 100% Chemical free
  • Artful ‘grow-outs’ without losing length
  • Maintains shape longer than regular haircuts
  • Creates feelings of serenity and relaxation

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SELF EVOLUTION CHANNEL: Sharon Ballantine the host of The Sharon Ballantine-TV interviews Laura Sullivan Holistic Hair Practitioner, Healing Artist, and the world’s foremost expert in Hair Balancing about transforming your relationship with your hair into ease, joy and acceptance.


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Laura Sullivan of Hair Balancing was a guest on the BBS Radio Internet show, “Paradigm Shifters” hosted by Veronica Entwistle. Just click on the orange PLAY button to learn about the art of holistic hair healing: